The famous Android box has made a lot of talk to fans of film streaming and online video games. The Xiaomi brand is one of the best multimedia box designers in the world. This brand recently released the new Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4K Android box model available in international version.

We suggest you read this article to discover the thousand and one facets of this product in order to deduce whether or not it is the best Android box on the market. For those in a hurry, we advise you to go through Amazon to buy the Xiaomi Mi Box 3. This will ensure that you get my hands on the international version.


Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4K – Hardware


Nowadays, Asian manufacturers are racing to offer their customers quality products at a low price. Xiaomi is recognized worldwide for the quality of its devices. This box model has an original and compact design. Only the Xiaomi Mi Box S even more compact.
We appreciate its small size and its curved appearance. Its color and thickness offer good discretion when the device is placed in a small corner of the living room.
The unit has an HDMI 2.0 cable output for video output. Its functionality in 4K is one of the qualities that allow us to judge that it is a high-end device. There is also a SPDIF audio jack, a USB 2.0 port that is used to use an external hard drive as needed.

The first downside we see is the lack of Ethernet plug which, however, is an essential criterion to judge the performance of its connectivity. Of course, we can always solve this problem by obtaining a USB Ethernet adapter.

The processor used is four core A53 cortex which is 2.0 Ghz. It has an ARM Mali-450 iGPU that is at 750 Mhz. As for the RAM, it is 2 GB while the storage memory is 8 GB.

This is enough so that we can download and install the best apps on Google Play, even if we can only enjoy 5 GB.

If you really need a larger memory, you will need another USB device. A second major downside is the lack of SD drive that does not allow us to use a memory card to optimize storage memory.


With 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, downloads are limited. We can not enjoy much good games in memory, and especially not download heavy files. In addition, the user is entitled to only 5 GB on 8 GB for the installation of favorite applications. It’s a shame.


The Xiaomi Mi Box 3 does not have an Internet function other than via a Wifi network. As we said above, the device does not have an Ethernet jack. Connectivity is therefore reduced compared to its competitors.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4K – Software


The Xiaomi Mi Box runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s still one of his strengths, because this version, although it is not the last one, allows us to have an irreproachable fluidity on the navigation.

It is with great pleasure that we start to navigate on Google, there is no slowness, and we feel free when we have to load a new window. There is no delay.

Even if the remote control does not represent much (since it has only one button validate, another to go to the home, another to redirect us to a previous window and one last for voice recognition options finally, a key to adjust the volume).


Once in front of the interface, we see that that of this product meets the criteria that must have an android TV. It’s easy to spot an application like the streaming video player, or the video game you want to launch. You can easily access Netflix, My Channel, OCS, YouTube and many more.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4K Performance


Thanks to Android 6.0, there is a good fluidity of navigation, there is no dead time or slow. The answer is instantaneous, the screen responds at a maximum speed to all commands.


The Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4K features the Kodi app for local playback of your favorite videos.

Image quality

Thanks to the 4K HDR feature, this camera gives you flawless image quality. However, it must be verified that this feature is enabled, as well as the HDR. Images are displayed in high definition, regardless of format, knowing that the device supports multiple formats such as JPEG, TIFF …

Audio & Video

The 4K feature has no problem on YouTube, but on Netflix and Molotov, it encounters some bugs. If you have files stored locally, the video is in full HD while the audio quality is perfect, moreover, the device is compatible with DTS audio codecs even if we only have stereo decoding.


We can enjoy a good game, but without the help of the remote control. We can play several gamepads like Asphalt 8 or Real Racing while enjoying the quality of the image. The performance is on the other hand reduced on the side of the details. The interface is certainly fluid, but it is better to play with compatible controllers.