Fans of Atletico Madrid club were accused of causing increased cases of Corona virus in Merseyside, after their team faced Liverpool last Wednesday.

Atletico returned with a precious 3-2 victory from Liverpool Square, eliminating them from the Champions League final.

About three thousand fans traveled from Spain to support their team, taking advantage of the match normally, and in the presence of the fans, unlike other games that were postponed or held behind closed doors due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

And increased criticism directed at the British authorities for allowing the presence of Spanish fans, despite the outbreak of the virus in Spain, and the decision by the authorities there to hold matches without the presence of the fans, before announcing the freezing of competitions at a later time.

According to local media reports, the incidence of coronavirus in Merseyside increased within 24 hours from 3 to 13 cases.

Public health expert John Ashton criticized the decision to allow the presence of Spanish fans, and told BBC that a group of them were carrying the Coronavirus, and had spread it in Liverpool.

Ashton attacked the British government because of the way it dealt with the current crisis, and demanded that it stop dealing with citizens as children.